Nip+Fab Makeup, hit or miss?

Recently Nip+Fab launched a makeup range and since I have previously used some of their skin care range I was intrigued to see if the makeup was as good as the skin care.

On the Superdrug website if you spent £12 or more on Nip+Fab products you received a free makeup bag with a lip liner, liquid lipstick and a mascara which means I could try more products without having to buy more. I ordered the light contour powder palette and the viper venom micro blur fix primer which was actually half price at only £9.95. I must admit I was super excited to try these and waiting for the delivery seemed the longest time!


First off I am going to talk about the Primer, I actually really like how it looks in the packaging and it comes out as a white gel. This primer claims to prime and mattify the skin controlling oil and blurring pores whilst smoothing the skin. I absolutely love how this feels on my skin, it becomes really tacky which really makes my foundation stay and it has a really lovely smell too, I also agree that it minimises my pores but as for keeping oil at bay it doesn’t keep it at bay all day but does make me less oily for longer than usual.


The light powder contour kit is super cute. I like the packaging and I like how the casing is clear so you can see inside and the shade names on the back. Each pan size is nice and big and includes a range of 6 different shades to contour, blush and even highlight, I also love that it includes a banana shade perfect to set the under eye. Each shade feels so buttery and is super pigmented, a little goes a long way and it is best to go in light handed. When it comes to the contour shades I find the middle and right shade to be too orange for my skin and also a bit too dark for my complexion. I have been using the highlight shade most days and I must admit it is beautiful on the skin and gives a lovely glow.

The free products I received with buying these two items were all full sized products which is amazing! I received the matte liquid lipstick in the shade ‘marshmallow’ which is a creamy texture and was super easy to apply with the standard doe foot applicator. It definitely dried down matte but I didn’t like the way it looked on my lips. Maybe it was because of the shade I am not too sure but as for the formula I really liked it. I will definitely be trying different shades.


The next thing was a lip liner in the shade ‘fudge’ (btw can we just talk about how cute the names are!) I love the fact it is a twist up lip liner as these are just easier, also it comes with a sharpener to keep it sharp and pointed. I find this lip liner was smooth and glided easy but was a bit light.

The final thing was a full size black mascara. I like the wand on this and it isn’t too liquidly like some mascaras, I feel like it makes my lashes look longer adding volume and I like the finish of it.

It also came with a little cute free bag.


I am definitely going to be trying more of the makeup range from Nip+Fab so for me this was a definite hit.



9 thoughts on “Nip+Fab Makeup, hit or miss?

  1. I haven’t seen much in the new nip+fan makeup so have been unsure whether to purchase any or not. But after reading this I may just look into it!☺️ Great review xo

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