MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick

Recently whilst browsing the local Superdrug I picked up this MUA lipstick in the shade 14 – Bare, which only retails for £1 so I thought why not, its only a pound after all. I swatched a few shades but this was easily my favourite as I just love nude shades and it is what I tend to stick with when it comes to my makeup looks.

Okay so £1 is awfully cheap for a lipstick but I have a staple product from MUA which I use mostly everyday and that is the Bronze and Sculpt Contour Kit so I was expecting the lipstick to be somewhat okay.


So the packaging is standard black with a twist off bottom that gives you more product but also enables you to see the shade colour. The lipstick is standard twist up and down and contains 3.8g of product. So this is a pink nude colour and swatched beautifully and creamy.


When applying to my lips I could definitely tell it was a creamy lipstick and it felt so lightweight on my lips, it produced a nice layer of colour on my lips however the colour quickly faded and transferred. However, it does produce a light layer which I like to blend with my finger to produce a light sheen on my lips which looks beautiful, it isn’t a heavy lipstick it is quite a subtle colour.


For the price of the product I don’t think it is that bad, it definitely feels so creamy on the lips and it didn’t dry out at all. It provided a nice shimmer on my lips and I am definitely intrigued to try out different lip products that they have. I will definitely be using this a lot for everyday use.


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