Jeffree Star Skin Frost Summer Chrome Edition

So recently Jeffree Star launched his summer chrome edition of his makeup and I instantly knew I was going to buy the Crystal Ball skin frost and well I did and let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made.


So I ordered it off BeautyBay for £25.50 which is the standard price for his skin frosts, the only one they had online was the crystal ball shade which I was going to buy anyway because I knew it would suit my skin tone better. The other shade is called ‘Summer Snow Cone’ which is described as to be a metallic icy yellow.


The packaging size is the same as standard Skin Frost’s and the packaging is the same except this time it is chrome (hence the summer chrome edition). It comes in a beautiful chrome box with the standard logo and writing on the back. The product itself has the logo embedded in the middle and the back of the product has the big pink sticker with the shade name.


So the shade Crystal Ball is a duo chrome highlighter which reflects pink and honestly it is the most gorgeous shade ever. It feels so creamy and applies beautifully to the skin. It truly looks stunning on the skin. This product is very glittery and sometimes I do find glitter all over my face from it if I don’t tap of excess from my highlighting brush. Again it is another blinding highlight from Jeffree.





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