First time Halo Eyeshadow Look

This is something completely different for my blog but I decided to give a halo eyeshadow look a go and was surprised at the results. Now I am probably the worst at makeup although I love it but for me I felt this wasn’t too bad of an effort for a first attempt. To achieve this look I used the Modern Renaissance palette from ABH and the Morphe 35F palette.

First off I took the shade Golden Ochre from the Modern Renaissance palette and applied it in the crease as a transition shade. I then applied the shade Warm Taupe from the same palette in my crease taking it slightly lower than the first shade and just deepened the crease. Finally from the same palette I took the shade Red Ochre and again applied in the crease, making sure I blended them all together with a clean fluffy brush during. once I was happy with the blending I used a flat shader brush and took the same shade Red Ochre and applied it to the outer and inner corner of my eyes leaving space in the middle of the eyelid for the glitter shade.

For the glitter shimmery shade in the middle of the eye I used my Morphe 35F palette and took an orange shade on a flat brush sprayed with some Mac Fix+ and packed it onto the centre of my eye. Over the top of the orange I then went for a glittery white to pack on top and blend into the orange to give it more of a pop.

Like I said I am not the best at makeup but was pleased with the result for a first time and I know there’s so much I can improve on but practice makes perfect and I like messing around with makeup and I love when I create something I like because there are no rules with makeup and as long as you are happy yourself with how you look that is all that matters.



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