Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Face Wipes

Due to having extremely sensitive skin and skin that reacts to nearly everything I am delighted to say I have found new face wipes that love my skin and my skin loves back. My holy grail wipes were from Simple, which were so refreshing on my skin but often felt rough and I like to use a wipe to take my makeup off before then cleansing. I purchased the Superdrug own brand wipes as they are only a pound but they were extremely rough on my skin and I felt I had to almost scrub my skin to remove the makeup.

I only brought the Simple wipes when they were on offer and when I went back to Superdrug to pick some up they were actually out of stock. I saw that the Johnson’s wipes were on offer for £1.49 so decided to view the range because they have a variety. The range includes; Extra Sensitive wipes, Pampering wipes, Moisturising wipes, Refreshing wipes and daily essentials Oil Balancing wipes. Due to my skin type and the range in the actual store I picked up the extra sensitive wipes and HOLY MOLY they are amazing!!


I love the fact they are 100% fragrance and alcohol free and they aren’t strong smelling. I also love the fact they aren’t too wet of a wipe, I don’t like when face wipes are too wet and leave you sticky feeling after.


These wipes are literally everything and more. I am literally in love with them and the feel of them on my skin. They are so refreshing and just glide on my skin without feeling rough and like I have to scrub my makeup off. The thing I love the most is how they make me feel after, my skin literally feels so smooth and soft after like a baby’s bum!

Being extra sensitive too they are perfect for my skin, I would love to know if any of you have any good face wipes or holy grail makeup removers.


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