NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

After desperately wanting an eyeshadow palette with some bright colours in for me to attempt to get creative with I found the NYX ultimate shadow palette in the name ‘Brights’ which as you can imagine is a palette of all bright shadows.

So this products retails for £16 which containing 16 shadows works out at £1 per shadow which I can’t complain about. I ordered off ASOS because my nearest boots that stock the NYX makeup products is over an hour away and I also wanted to order some clothes so killed two birds with one stone as the saying goes.

This palette is STUNNING to look at and I love how compact it is. The colour range all work so nicely together and the packaging just looks so sleek. So the front is just a clear cover with a black frame and the white writing with the name of the palette. It is definitely a travel friendly palette which I love.


The description online says the palette ranges from matte, satin, metallic and shimmer colours which I like in a palette. I like having both matte and shimmers in a palette. On the product itself it states there are 13 eyeshadows and 3 pressed pigments. In the palette there are a couple shades which stand out more than the rest due to the brightness.

Upon swatching EVERY shade felt so creamy and smooth and even just one little swatch produced a lot of pigmentation which I was amazed by. They felt so buttery and creamy and looked absolutely beautiful swatched.

I was too eager to wait so I had a little play around with 4 of the shades and you need a light hand with the brush because a little bit goes a long way. They blended like a dream and blended together nicely too. Every shade I used was super pigmented and complemented each other.

I will continue to keep trying this palette with mixing shades and being more adventurous with looks and bright shades which is what I wanted the palette for and it definitely hasn’t disappointed me. I would highly recommend it to any one who wants an affordable eyeshadow palette with bright colours in.



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